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Bisfree Container 1.1L Rect

Bisfree Container 1.1L Rect

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Bisfree Container 1.1L Rect
  Item No  : HN LBF-815D
  Colour  : Natural
  Size  : 181x128x88mm
  Material  : Tritan Copolyester
  Volume : 1.1L
  Quantity :

Price : $14.15 


Product Description



Tritan™ is a new material developed by a well-known chemical manufacturer, Eastman Chemical. It is made of pure copolyester which is safe for humans and environment.


1. "Green" premium>
- Tritan™-New material with no BPA.(Bisphenol-A)
- Reduces CO² in manufacturing. Can be 100% recycled.

2. Heat-resistance premium
- Microwave (for heating up foods) OK.
- Sterilization in hot water OK, Freezer OK.

3. Design premium
- Crystal clear and shiny surface.
- Stain and odor resistant.

4. Durability premium
- Strong material resists scratching.
- Dishwasher safe.

5. Airtightness premium
- LOCK & LOCK's well known airtightness.
- Blocking air and minimizing evaporation, it keeps food fresh.

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