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Cookplus Prima 26cm Frying Pan

Cookplus Prima 26cm Frying Pan

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Cookplus Prima 26cm Frying Pan
  Item No  : LDP2263W
  Colour  : Wine
  Size  : 26cm
  Quantity :

Price : $65.90  $62.60


Product Description


Product Name:  Cookplus Prima Lock & Lock 26cm - Wine color

 - Brand: Lock & Lock


 - Product code: LDP2263W


 - Material: aluminum body, inside of anti-stick coating. Synthetic handles


 - Capacity / Size: 26cm


 - Color: Wine color


 - Non-stick enamelled pan


 - Can be used on the kitchen


 - Made in Viet Nam


 - Care instructions: Avoid using metal detergent




Elegant design


- Your kitchen will become fresh with the elegant design and bright colors of the product.


- With elegant design, brilliant colors will make you feel the joy of cooking.


- With the inner pattern will help your dish looks more attractive.


Economy, durability


- The product will help you more convenient to use as well as save energy by superior heat transfer.


- The scratch-resistant inner layer is more rigid than the conventional ones, so you can use metal stirrups.


- Outside with heat-resistant finish, the product will not burn or discolour so it will help you to use the product longer.


- The handle is made of synthetic resin which is heat-resistant and will help you to use the product safely.


· Usability


- The cooking will be very convenient because the product is made of aluminum so very light.


- Food does not stick to the product so the cleaning will be easier.


- The handle is covered with silicone so it feels very soft when held.


· Security


- With a pure ceramic coating, you will be able to use the product safely.


- Cooking is safer because it does not contain toxic substances like PFOA that cause cancer or hormones as well as metallic substances.


- With ceramic layer you can cook with very little oil and still have a good meal.


Product characteristics:


- Covered with anti-stick coating


(This anti-adhesive coating uses high-grade American materials, no peeling, no PFOA safe for health.)


- Round bottom pan floating pattern, help save oil


- Aluminum pan should heat quickly, helping to cook faster and evenly


- Handles made of special materials (bakelite) help insulate


- Bright colors help to make kitchen space more lively






- This product is for home cooking


- Avoid damaging the ceramic surface and use medium heat when cooking to maintain the long-term durability of the product.


- Use less oil to maintain the strength of the coating.


- The cooking time of the pot should not exceed 20 seconds, if the pot is heated for too long when the drum is empty, it will damage the surface and the strength of the product will be reduced.


- The ceramic coating is very hard, hard to scratch, but it is limited to the use of metal cookware to maintain the durability of the product longer.


- Do not let the handle near the fire cause burns or fire.


- During use, screws used to fix the handle will loose, then use a fixed screw then use.


- Do not use the product in cooking or microwave oven.


- Do not use abrasive detergents.


- After use, thoroughly dry the water as well as oil oil and take away.



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