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Easy Match

Easy Match Square Food Container 950ml

Easy Match Square Food Container 950ml

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Easy Match Square Food Container 950ml
  Item No  : HSM-8440EM
  Colour  : Bluegreen
  Size  : 160x160x90mm
  Volume : 950ml
  Quantity :

Price : $7.90 


Product Description



Easy Match Food Container Matching Lid and Body Color System


The hassle of matching food containers with the lids is over! Our color-coded lids match with a color dot printed on the container for an easy match! A real child's play!


The Lock&Lock Easy Match containers are also nestable - each container fits perfectly into one-another, saving space in the kitchen.


You can also rely on the best Lock&Lock characteristics you've always counter on - air tight and liquid tight containers that are perfect to use in the microwavedishwasherrefrigerator and freezer.


√  Nestable and stackable containers

√  Made of polypropylene and BPA free

√  Can be used in the microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator and freezer

√  100% air- and liquid-tight 

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