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Aiming at a Global No.1 Brand, Lock&Lock



Global leader in kitchen and living culture.

Since its establishment in 1978, Lock&Lock Co. Ltd. has been grown as a global company that exports its products -- Lock&Lock containerswith new-concept four sides interlocking system of new concept - to more than 100 countries worldwide. Lock&Lock Co., Ltd. will expand the number of export destinations from the current 111 to more than 130 by 2013, thereby securing firm footing as the leader in the airtight container field as well as the most valuable brand specializing in outstanding airtight containers. Furthermore, it is aiming to be a global no. 1 as a comprehensive kitchenware maker by 2020. To achieve its goal of becoming the "2013 Global No.1," the company exerts its best efforts to expand its main products from plastic airtight containers to comprehensive kitchenware using diverse raw materials including glass, porcelain, and stainless steel. To be a global company producing various and functional kitchenware, Lock&Lock maintains its competitive edge in the field by manufacturing containers using environment-friendly materials considering the health of customers and environment.


Global leader in kitchen and living culture.

Lock&Lock is currently investing more than 5% of its total annual sales in R&D for customers' satisfaction and to enhance and reinvent the quality of new products. More than 700 different products are launched annually, which means that 2 different products are developed every day. Moreover, the company constructed large-scale plants to meet the increasing demand of the global market including plants in Asan in Korea, Weihai and Suzhou in China, and Vietnam. In addition to the plants, 15 overseas sales units have been established; thus securing the foundation for a global Lock&Lock brand.


Lock&Lock will continue to exert every effort to develop new materials and to reinvent the quality of products as global products you can find in every corner of the world. Aside from these efforts, the convenience and appearance of the product will also be enhanced to make the company a most beloved one by customers. Finally, we shall faithfully practice our company philosophy of placing value on humans and environment to become the company that moves customers.

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